Terms & Conditions

  1. The 'Eicher Connect' (hereinafter called as 'Program') is open only to ‘Eicher mechanics’ hereinafter called as 'member’ or CONNECT Mechanic' who have enrolled in the program and that are resident Indian nationals and have purchased Eicher Genuine Parts and Eicher Genuine Lubricants from Authorized Retailers.
  2. Eicher Connect Program entitles CONNECT Mechanics to earn loyalty points on purchase of selected Eicher Genuine Parts, which can be redeemed for Rewards as per the redemption program managed by VECV in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the Program.
  3. On becoming a member of the Program, the applicant authorizes VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd and all organizations with which VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd may finalize arrangements, to use data submitted by him / her for administrative, research, marketing and communication purposes and to enhance performance of the Program.
  4. VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd is not responsible for any damaged / mutilated / lost-in-transit / incorrectly filled forms.
  5. VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd reserves the right to reject or cancel any application for enrolment at its sole discretion, without assigning any reason or warning and without prior intimation.
  6. Any Change in name, address, constitution or other information relating to the registered CONNECT Mechanic must be notified to VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd in writing as soon as possible to avoid cancellation of membership.
  7. If a CONNECT Mechanic believes he or she has not received Loyalty points for any transaction, he/she can take up the request with VECV team and by calling on Helpline No. 9560 4000 96. Accumulation of points will be subject to sole discretion of VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd.
  8. ‘CONNECT Mechanic’ Status and Benefits of the Eicher CONNECT program are offered at the sole discretion of VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd.
  9. The explanation and clarification given in the FAQs also form part of the Program Terms and Conditions.
  10. VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd holds out no warranty and makes no representation about the quality of services provided by the mechanic enrolled on this Program, and will not be responsible if the said goods / services are found defective / deficient / unsatisfactory in any way.
  11. VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd shall not be responsible for any liability incurred by the members, with respect to any aspect of the Program.
  12. VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd shall not, in any way, be liable or under any obligation to the members, if the Program is withdrawn or modified due to statutory enactments, judicial / quasi judicial orders or any other reasons beyond its control.
  13. Any fraud or abuse of the Card and / or rewards / benefits arising out of the Program is subject to appropriate administrative and / or legal action by VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd, including forfeiture of accumulated Loyalty points and related rewards / benefits, and may result into the cancellation of the membership.
  14. As a member of the Program, the CONNECT Mechanic authorizes VECV to send marketing communications on the registered contact no. through any media at the discretion of VECV.
  15. In case of loss / theft of the Card, the CONNECT Mechanic must inform the VECV call centre/ distributor immediately and apply for issuance of a duplicate Card, if interested.
  16. VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd will not accept responsibility for circumstances that are beyond its reach or control, and that may cause a delay or inability to fulfill requests of the Cardholders.
  17. All the Cards, even after their issuance, remain the property of VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd. In case the company closes this Program, the Loyalty points shall lapse.
  18. The Loyalty points will be valid until the validity of the Program membership. In the event of lapse/terminate of membership, the CONNECT Mechanic is required to renew his / her membership within a period of 6 months. In the event a CONNECT Mechanic fails to renew his / her membership within this period, the Loyalty points in the members account will be considered as lapsed, null and void. In case of renewal of membership, the Loyalty points in the members account will be transferred to his / her new account.
  19. In case of any dispute on the Loyalty points and / or rewards / benefits, the same shall be looked and resolved only on production of the transaction bill or sms and MRP tag to EICHER CONNECT Helpline. VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd.’s decision shall be final and binding in this case.
  20. If some Loyalty points and / or rewards / benefits are wrongly credited into members account, the same shall be debited and the member shall be informed accordingly.

Privacy Policy

  1. VECV collects and uses User’s personal information for the following purposes:
    • a) To personalize your experience: We may use information to understand how our Users as a group use the services and resources provided on our Site.
    • b) To improve our Program: We continually strive to improve our program offerings based on the information and feedback we receive from you.
    • c) To send periodic SMS: The contact number provided by CONNECT Mechanic, will only be used, to send them information and updates. It may also be used to respond to their enquiries, and /or other requests or questions. If user decides to opt-in to our contact list, they will receive SMS that may include company news, updates, related product or service information and marketing information.
  2. If at any time, the user would like to unsubscribe from receiving future SMS they may do so by calling at the CONNECT Helpline No. 9560 4000 96.

Terms & Conditions: Rewards & Redemptions

  1. The validity of the Loyalty points shall be 3 years from the date of earning / accumulation. If the Loyalty points are not redeemed within the aforesaid period, they will be considered as lapsed.
  2. Loyalty points can be redeemed only through SMS and only by way of rewards as mentioned in the EICHER CONNECT Program Guide. The Loyalty points in the CONNECT Mechanic’s account are non-transferable.
  3. The images shown in the program guide are only for illustration purpose only. The pictures of the rewards/products shown in the program guide may differ from the actual items/goods.
  4. The Total value of product(reward to be calculated considering into account the cost of procurement, delivery, transit insurance and processing cost.
  5. Prices of all Electronic/Electrical items vary from time to time. Delivery of product/brand as mentioned in the Program Guide are subject to technical/commercial/availability. In case of change in brand the same will be informed through Helpline No. In case of non-acceptance of the given options, the redemption will stand cancelled and Points will be reversed in Mechanics’ CONNECT account.
  6. In case of redemption of Bike or Car, the CONNECT Mechanic will be liable to get an amount equivalent to the points mentioned against the product in the program guide, which shall be transferred to the Dealer, from which he intends to purchase the Bike or Car. The amount will not be transferred to individual account. The Difference if any, has to be borne by the CONNECT Mechanic.
  7. On Redemption, points equivalent to the rewards redeemed from the EICHER CONNECT Program Guide will be deducted from the Mechanics’ CONNECT account.
  8. Insurance, Registration and all applicable taxes for vehicles (2 and 4 wheeler) shall be borne by the CONNECT Mechanic.
  9. We Endeavour to deliver the rewards as soon as possible. The Delivery time may vary depending on the place of delivery, availability of product and various other factors.
  10. Damaged/Defective Rewards: In case the rewards received in damaged or defective, CONNECT Mechanic to report the matter to the program helpdesk within 2 working days from the date of delivery. An inspection of the damaged product will be initiated within 7 working days of receiving the notification. Replacement will be done within 7 working days post completion of the inspection.
  11. In case of damage/defect reported beyond timeline of 2 days, it will be solved on case-to-case basis. As a policy, no Courier Company or Insurance Company offer any kind of coverage beyond this timeline.
  12. Reward Unavailability: if a reward becomes unavailable/obsolete, a substitute reward/alternative option of similar quality and value shall be provided to the CONNECT Mechanic. In case the same is not agreeable the CONNECT Mechanic the redemption will stand cancelled and the points will be credited back into Mechanics’ CONNECT Account.
  13. Installation Process: For Installation of LED/LCD/AC/Cycle etc., please contact Customer Service Desk of the respective brand and arrange the same. Any cost of installation will have to be borne by the CONNECT Mechanic.
  14. VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd. shall not be liable for any deficiencies or material defects in the rewards offered. Warranty on the rewards are the liability of the manufacturer as per the terms mentioned in the warranty card.
  15. The rewards due against Loyalty points earned are not replaceable or refundable in cash nor can they be exchanged for any other alternative denominations.
  16. VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd right to add/modify/change or withdraw any or all promotion benefits, terms & conditions points and points value, rewards options at any point of time with or without prior intimation.
  17. CONNECT Mechanics are eligible to accumulate points only against coupon codes, which belongs to the Authorised Eicher Distributor in which the mechanic has been registered. In case Connect Mechanic tries to do accumulation of points against coupon code belonging to the distributor under whom he is not registered then the same would be considered as invalid.
  18. In case of any dispute arising out of this Agreement, the same shall be resolved in accordance with the provisions of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996 by a way of sole arbitrator. Arbitrator shall be appointed with the mutual consent of the Parties. The venue for the Arbitration shall be New Delhi. The Language of the arbitration shall be English.